Boutique Catering 

We are here to put your mind at ease, as we guide you through each stage of your event planning process.  You will be so delighted when you see the level of custom tailored style and flare we invest into each and every one of our events.  We have a way with leaving lasting impressions with our guests.

Custom Weekly Meal Plans

We prepare customized weekly meal plans for the most extravagant and exacting culinary preferences, to the most small and simple requests.  We also have accommodated a wide variety of special dietary needs, and we are excited and ready to hear about your specific individual restrictions and diet goals.

Personal Chef Services

We provide many daily Personal Chef Services, including our "Rent a Chef for the Day" option.  We offer many plated tasting menu package options as well.  We can even staff a live-in or live-out long term Private Chef for the specific needs of your estate, your schedule, and your lifestyle.

Cooking & Team Building Classes

We offer a wide assortment of class structures and course topics to accommodate your every group size or scenario.  We can come to your home for a special occasion, to your apartment or condominium complex for a tenant appreciation party, or even to your office building for a  corporate team building event!

We turn food into gold!

Boutique Catering / Personal Chef Services / Custom Meal Plans / Culinary Classes

We have the culinary precision and years of expertise that you are seeking to take your occasion to the next level.

We are ready to delight your discerning palate and accommodate your every special dietary goal or restriction.

We have class topics to accommodate any group or individual, from the amateur novice, to the well-seasoned gourmand.

Daniel Bear- Executive Chef & Owner


-Passionate - Progressive - Dedicated to His Guests-
Flavor & Approach

 - Eclectic & Exotic - Bold yet Familiar - Provocative & Inspring - Intriguingly Sensual-  ""New World Fusion" -

What a fantastic 6 day vacation this was to cook for this gracious family!  Happy 30th Birthday again Dina! :)  I am so excited to cook for you guys again on the next round!

Chef Daniel at

This family had a great time during their Escondido, CA trip, just outside of San Diego.  I was very proud to be a part of her special day!  Thanks again for reaching out Tyrone and Happy Birthday again Kolishia!

We now proudly offer Cannabis Infused Prix Fixe Tasting Dinners with buds exclusively from Empire Connect!

Please call us with any question regarding our new Cannabis Dinners at 619.720.1349!

"We help you to fully customize your special occasion, to create a truly unique dining experience that your guests will never forget."       -Chef Daniel